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Testimony of Nessa, one of our students

On the day of departure, we were all excited and relaxed on the plane, and we all slept very well. On the first day in Romania, we had dinner with Elly (I think that’s his name but I’m not sure).

The menu was soup, there was soup every day at lunchtime, with that we had breaded chicken and potatoes. After lunch, we went to visit the city center of Iasi and we discovered our favorite place, the Mall palace which is a very big shopping mall.

After an afternoon of sightseeing, we went back to the university and had dinner with Elly again.

After dinner I, Romain and Julien discovered our Portuguese roommates with whom we were going to spend a week

On Tuesday we met the rest of the people we were going to spend the week with and became best friends with the Macedonians.

Our project was to use waste materials to give them a second life and thus find a solution against pollution.

The teams were mixed and because of this, we were able to meet and bond with all the students on the project. After we started the project we visited some really interesting museums at the university.


Wednesday was the same day as Tuesday except that we visited the different branches of the university such as milk and winemaking.

Thursday we visited the castle in Iasi which was huge and the church which was impressive but beautiful.

Friday was the last day and we had free time so we went to the Mall palace to get the last gifts for our family and then we went back to the university to spend our last evening in Romania with the Macedonians. At 3 o’clock we left our friends in tears, it was really sad but we had to leave when we arrived at the airport and we said goodbye to Iasi but also Romania

I enjoyed this trip and every second of it is etched in my mind

I don’t regret saying yes to this trip. I surprised myself by breaking the language barrier and I’m proud to have done it.

Thank you so much Mrs. Rance for giving me the chance to go